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We are dedicated to the manufacture of glass products of the highest quality within the Newyorkino market, as well as the elaboration of mirrors.

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We remodel your home, or office with our glass products, from the smallest to the largest, floors, doors, windows, ceilings and complete architectures.

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We embellish your space with our decorative mirrors, for your dining room, bedroom, bathrooms, gym and any area desired by our clients at affordable prices.

About Us

About Us

We are Glass Company New York, the leading company in the manufacture, installation and remodeling of glass elements and mirrors in the city of New York. We have a great team of professionals, among them, engineers, interior designers, architects and others who will help you create the place you imagine with such an elegant and sophisticated element as glass.

We work with glass on: Laminated or tempered glass floors for your home, restaurant, commercial premises etc, if you are setting up a business, you want to change the appearance of your dining room or living room of your home, we make the most beautiful glass tables to give legance and class to that desired space. If you want to remodel your bathroom, we have for you the most elegant shower doors...Read More


We are multifaceted in what refers to designs of elements with glass so we can say that our skills are many but in this section we will describe the most important. If you want to know all our highlighted areas contact us and in addition to knowing our projects, you will receive advice in each one of them. We will present our continuous offers and promotions that you will never find anywhere else. In the right column you can observe our abilities with their respective qualification. You can see that we stood out almost 100% in the manufacture and installation of laminated or tempered glass floors, then we went to glass fences for swimming pool, as third aspect the manufacture of different glass models and finally the installation of glass roofs.









Glass tables in New York.

Glass tables in New York
Glass tables in New York.

Glass tables are widely used in today's homes because they always provide an elegant and sophisticated air to any room, whether in the kitchen, in the dining room, office, living room. Currently, the tempering of the glass allows us to enjoy all the advantages of the material eliminating its main drawback: fragility. Therefore, glass is currently a widely used material since its main characteristic, transparency, brings many nuances to the interior of the home.

The glass is sophisticated but depending on what other materials and deco pieces are combined you can get interesting and very varied nuances in an environment. It has the advantage of lightness, hence it is very suitable to use it in small spaces.

At Giovani Glass, we present you the advantages of having a glass table in your residence, or business premises:

1. The transparent glass is visually light. You will get a coffee table, a support surface in front of the sofas, without saturating the area.

2. Precisely for its lightness, choose a glass coffee table if your living area is small.

3. It is a neutral material. Unless it has a very marked design, a glass coffee table is neutral and fits in all styles.

4. Easily customizable. A glass piece is customizable by simply placing another table underneath, some drawers, containers ... these can mark the style.

5. The crystal combines with all the materials.

6. The glass tables let you see the carpet and look.

7. Transparent, satin, colored ... And all these finishes for the crystals are light.

8. The glass tables are easy to clean and maintain, you just have to be careful with strong bumps and scratches. To do this, place a decorative individual.

A glass table is valid for any space, because it is able to live in any environment and with any style of decoration. Opting for a glass table can be a very wise decision. This table can be used as a dining table, as a work table, as a meeting table, etc.

We invite you to contact us, so that you know our work, we have for all tastes, in different sizes and models at the best market price.

Article created on base: Alejandra Muñoz (2015), Cristina Jimenez (2015).

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