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Glass Production

We are dedicated to the manufacture of glass products of the highest quality within the Newyorkino market, as well as the elaboration of mirrors.

Remodeling with Glass

We remodel your home, or office with our glass products, from the smallest to the largest, floors, doors, windows, ceilings and complete architectures.

Decoration with Mirrors

We embellish your space with our decorative mirrors, for your dining room, bedroom, bathrooms, gym and any area desired by our clients at affordable prices.

About Us

About Us

We are Glass Company New York, the leading company in the manufacture, installation and remodeling of glass elements and mirrors in the city of New York. We have a great team of professionals, among them, engineers, interior designers, architects and others who will help you create the place you imagine with such an elegant and sophisticated element as glass.

We work with glass on: Laminated or tempered glass floors for your home, restaurant, commercial premises etc, if you are setting up a business, you want to change the appearance of your dining room or living room of your home, we make the most beautiful glass tables to give legance and class to that desired space. If you want to remodel your bathroom, we have for you the most elegant shower doors...Read More


We are multifaceted in what refers to designs of elements with glass so we can say that our skills are many but in this section we will describe the most important. If you want to know all our highlighted areas contact us and in addition to knowing our projects, you will receive advice in each one of them. We will present our continuous offers and promotions that you will never find anywhere else. In the right column you can observe our abilities with their respective qualification. You can see that we stood out almost 100% in the manufacture and installation of laminated or tempered glass floors, then we went to glass fences for swimming pool, as third aspect the manufacture of different glass models and finally the installation of glass roofs.









Where do you need to hang mirrors?

Where do you need to hang mirrors? Many people ask this question when you design your home. After all, the mirror is an important element of the decor and can not be neglected by its placement. Here is where it is best to place a mirror:

The first option: in the hallway, but not parallel, but perpendicular to the entrance door. In such a case, the positive energy will be concentrated and circulated more efficiently. And it will also be more profitable to look in terms of the decor of this room. Especially if in the hallway there is a staircase leading to the top. Then the positive energy will not “drain” on it to the front door and leave the house.

Second option: bathroom. Any flowing water is a potential leak of qi energy. And mirrors on the way to the bathroom prevent it very effectively. In general, any stylish bathroom should have a mirror. It is best to choose a mirror more, because it visually draws space. The mirror should be in the frame. It allows you to focus positive energy and send it to the right place.

The third option: a room so that it reflects the dining table. A clever way to show the world that you have everything in abundance, but it would not hurt to have a little more. That is why the sideboards with the internal mirror wall work well - they visually increase the stock, doubling the energy of abundance. It is no coincidence that the Chinese love to hang a mirror so that it reflects the dining table: there will always be wealth in the house. In this case, the stove and the cooking process must remain “off-screen”. Otherwise, the hostess, seeing herself in the mirror while cooking, will tire twice as much.

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