Architectural glass  in New York
Architectural glass  in New York

Architectural glass is the glass used as construction material. It is typically used as a transparent material on the exterior of the construction; which eliminates the traditional difference between openings (like windows) and walls. Glass is also used for interior separations and as an architectural feature. The glass used in buildings is usually of a safe type, among which are reinforced glass, tempered glass and laminated glass.

Crown glass: the first style of glass for windows

The first method for manufacturing window glass was the crown glass method. The hot blown glass was cut from the opposite side to the tube and then, quickly turned on a table before it cooled. Centrifugal force forced the hot glass globe to become a flat sheet. The sheet would then be separated from the tube and cut to form a rectangular window that would fit within a frame.

This method of manufacturing flat glass panels was very expensive and could not be used to make large panels. It was replaced in the 19th century by the cylindrical method, but it is still used in traditional constructions and restoration.

Float glass: is the most used in construction. It is a glass plate made by floating the molten glass over a layer of molten tin. Thus, the glass will have a uniform thickness and a very flat surface. The float glass can be tempered or laminated for safety glass and is suitable for screen printing, acid treatments and decoration with ceramic material.

Laminated glass: it is a safety glass whose main characteristic is that when it breaks it stays together. How is this? Following an intermediate film between both glasses that prevents it from breaking into sharp pieces. Glass bricks: they are used to give luminosity without losing privacy and security. In the variety of models are those that are completely transparent, which allows a view from the interior without distortion, or bricks with designs that make more difficult the vision, and even, the glass brick that produces a diffuse light and does not allow the identification of the shape of an object. Another type of architectural glass is the prism glass widely used in sidewalks.

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Article created base on: Laura (2010).