Glass doors for showers in New York
Glass doors for showers in New York

The showers or showers that are designed with glass or reinforced glass for a more aesthetic and bright touch are an excellent option for anyone looking not only to cover their shower or bathtub in a more elegant way, but also to obtain it with total security that the water will not be able to go outside and soak the entire floor every time you decide to take a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

The showers of glass or also known by some as screens, whether they are of a transparent design, screen-printed, glass or even an acrylic material, are a perfect solution that will give you a more hygienic, safe and presentable bath (very important this last ), that is why in this opportunity in Giovani Glass we want to show you some of our works that will be useful for you when designing and choosing the shower that goes with everything you want to achieve.

Tempered Glass Showers

The doors in tempered glass for showers is a product of very good quality and have a long life for your home, they are resistant to scratches, shock, heat, humidity and are very easy to clean. The designs of the shower doors can be sliding or with frames, with accessories of aluminum material for sliding doors in gold, black or gold or with frame with accessories made of stainless steel or bronze.

With closure systems

We offer doors with locking systems, consisting of a much more functional magnetic system because it is already integrated into the direct lace of the doors on glass and from an aesthetic point of view, provides more hermeticity and comfort.

Diversity in the thickness

Our team takes care that the glass showers are not affected by temperature changes or small trips that can usually lead to them splintering or breaking, this is because now we also have not only design diversity , but also variety in thickness that ensures greater durability, making it an excellent decorative object to apply in any bathroom.

Without doubt, we are professionals in the field, we have different models and types of glass doors for showers at your disposal from the simplest models, to the most elegant, all according to your need, you just have to contact us and see our offers .

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