Glass Pool Fences in New York
Glass Pool Fences in New York

The aesthetics of the pools is important, but even more so the safety of the children. For this, Giovani Glass offers fences or fences that do not affect the landscape and are very useful.

A good and unique way to fence in a private pool and keep an eye on what's outside is to use glass fences around the desired area, which is a collection of glass panels with visible or invisible metal pieces that hold them together and on the ground to form a fence. You can see the entire landscape through them, either for those inside or from the pool to the surrounding area. Good customer service is always safe with us and you can buy it here in New York.

When there are minors in the house or possible visits, it is essential to have security elements, for example the placement of fences designed especially for swimming pools, this will help to avoid quick and easy access for both small children and pets, which can cause accidents

These barriers of protection provide security and aesthetic advantages, in addition they do not hinder the visual, by the design that they possess, do not need maintenance and disassemble with ease.

They are easy to clean and maintain, and are safe both to protect people in a pool with a balcony or terrace, and at ground level.

One of the most important advantages of this type of security system is that the elderly can handle it to their liking, it is in each one to decide to surround the whole pool or not.

The holes where the poles are installed are varied, which is why it can be disassembled and assembled in any way you like, with the possibility of leaving a part exposed to enter the swimming pool. Following with the most outstanding advantages of this system, when treating modular elements, the poles with easy to orientate in any type of pool, not only in concrete, with the plus of being able to manage the height of the same.

These fences are par excellence the most elegant and exclusive. The glass fences with aluminum poles look in any garden increasing the sense of spaciousness and allowing the interior of the pool to be appreciated. Your investment will be profitable because it is a durable material, difficult to scratch and involves little maintenance.

We have different options for you, you just have to contact us through our different communication channels, and we provide you with the complete information.

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