Glass roofs in New York
Glass roofs in New York

The houses are like living entities, are in constant change and transformation. We usually see spaces in our house, imagining how we can change them, give them a touch, redesign them. This happens in particular with the social areas, our families are growing and with this growth the need for new spaces is increasing. We have areas in our house that we want to attach to a kitchen, terraces that we want to incorporate into a room, but we do not know how to do it with subtlety, without it being seen as a pegoste, without clashing with the architecture of the place.

In Giovani Glass our imagination has no limits, and brings you the best projects that will help you crystallize that space you imagine. The best projects that will help you crystallize that space you imagine.

Glass roof between vegetation

We can take advantage of the space of your house and your garden, installing Our roofs of glass turning the retreat of the house into a new space for the reception of friends.

Glass roof to see the trees

Part of the doubt that arises when defining whether or not to use a glass roof is given by the subject of the shade, but a good idea is to take advantage of the trees that are around the roof and so freshness will be guaranteed.

Glass roof with wooden structure

We propose to give the roof of your house a warmer atmosphere, we have the perfect option, we build the structure with solid wood beams giving that atmosphere you want.

Glass roof that expands

A glass roof should not necessarily end in the horizontal plane, what would happen if you wanted to expand it and turn it into glass enclosures? Then we would have a large container space to admire your surroundings.

We have many more ideas and projects that we want you to know just contact us and your space will change forever.

Article created based on: Valentina Cardonna(2016).