Glass stairs Glass in New York
Glass stairs Glass in New York

Glass is one of the most used materials, from decoration accessories, pieces of tableware, to what we all know in windows, doors and ceilings, of the last uses that it has been given, some with remarkable publicity, are the floors of this material, in buildings of great heights, so that those who step on it feel that there is nothing between the person and the world at their feet.

Staircase and glass did not go hand in hand in the past. Because it is a connecting element between levels, stairs have always worried us about their stability and resistance, and walking on glass does not sound very safe to say. Right? However, glass stairs have become very fashionable and engineers and architects have managed to design safe and transparent steps. In Giovani Glass we have experts in the manufacture of glass elements and stairs is no exception.

Here we present part of our work so you can learn more about glass stairs:

Translucent staircase with glass railing

This is our first proposal we apply two ways to include glass on the stairs; as raw material for the steps and as closing of the staircase. A high glass railing can mean fewer risks when going up or down, while offering a sense of space.

Metal structure with glass steps

If the floating stairs make you feel a little vertigo or certain insecurity, then this option is for you. The structure and metal rails that hold less thick and semi transparent glass steps can be a more economical option that works as a support at each step to avoid accidents.

Floating glass steps with steel handrails

This option is perfect for stairs located in small spaces. The completely transparent glass steps allow you to see the lower space that you can take advantage of to decorate with plants or floor decorations.

If you like we can place a stainless steel bar or handrail or any material of your preference to guide the steps while going up or down.

We design, manufacture and sell stairs and rails with metal structures in iron or stainless steel and glass steps, of different types, transparent glass, translucent, colored glass, with colored PVC, sandblasted glass or acidified glass. Do you wait to contact us?

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