Kitchen Cabinets with Glass New York
Kitchen Cabinets with Glass New York

When you imagine the use of glass in kitchen cabinets it seems to be something that would not be very safe for that place, but in reality it is that besides giving a more elegant decoration touch of the typical boring and unicolour cabinets, it is also something practical that will allow you to see what's inside and not open door after door looking for something.

The transparent crystals that allow the cabinets to become practically open shelves, at least visually. In addition we avoid that the objects that we keep in them are taking dust as when they are on a shelf.

Usually the glass doors are reserved for the cabinets that are hung on the wall. In the rest it is better to use wooden doors.

In Giovani Glass we are pleased to present our beautiful works and projects related to kitchen cabinets using glass which gives an appearance of elegance and exclusivity to your space.

In addition to completely transparent glass we have for your shelves crystals crystals with finishes with a certain degree of opacity, for those who do not like total transparency, and instead want to partially hide what they keep in their cabinets. Frosted glass is an acid-treated glass that has lost much of its transparency.

We have a wide variety of different finishes with different degrees of opacity as well as different design patterns.

Another type of non-transparent crystals are the textured ones. Among these there is a great variety also of finishes and designs that will allow us to fulfill our expectations.

We also have crystals with less-seen finishes, such as bubble effect. It reminds us of the glass of a window on a rainy day and although they are quite transparent, they slightly diffuse the contents of the cabinets. It is a crystal that goes very well with vintage furniture but also with contemporary style. The effect of light when reflected in bubbles is very interesting.

Lead crystal is a type of crystal in which calcium oxide, a common component of glass, has been replaced by lead oxide. Lead crystal is used for decorative objects such as decorative figures and also in jewelry and jewelery.

Lead crystal looks great in kitchens of classic design or retro inspiration. We can also find different finishes in lead crystal such as tinted or stained glass.

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