Laminated Glass Floors in New York
Laminated Glass Floors in New York

Laminated glass consists of the union of several sheets of glass of any thickness, through intermediate films made with translucent plastic materials.

Its most noteworthy property is that, in the event of a fracture, the plastic film prevents glass fragments from falling off, considerably improving its mechanical behavior in the event of an impact and avoiding the danger associated with projecting the glass chips.

The glass floor to date can be found not only in high-end restaurants, nightclubs or shopping centers, but also in private homes or cottages.

It can be used to cover both the entire room, and the separate floor fragments. Glass floor is made of a transparent multilayer safety glass or tinted laminate or a polymer coated tempered laminated glass layer.

Material characteristics

Triplex: a special glass, consisting of several layers, linked with different types of films. Its thickness can be up to 4 cm. It differs a material highly resistant to stress and abrasion, resistance to chemicals. To ensure the resistance of the upper low part of it is made of tempered glass.

Sex glass: made from a film laminated with ethylene and vinyl acetate has a poor quality. In high humidity and low temperatures, it is stratified, which affects the resistance of the glass.

Crystal floor design

The base under the glass floor is made of metal, wood or concrete. It must be soft and durable.

The structure of the floor is a glass niche that has different shapes and sizes. Within it, you can have different decorative materials: plants, flowers, sand, etc., everything is a matter of the client's taste and of the creativity with which Giovani Glass's team counts.

We have different types of glass floors for different tastes and places, such as floor belt, Color Mosaic: generally used in bathrooms, where we put lighting, it becomes a very subtle environment, gender as a niche, and many more than You will know when you contact us, where we will give you the complete information about our jobs, offers and promotions.

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