Mirrors in New York
Mirrors in New York

Mirrors are one of the decorative objects par excellence. Present in most houses, they are found in entrance hallways, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and closets.

The simplest is the flat mirror. In the latter, a beam of parallel rays of light can change direction altogether and continue to be a beam of parallel rays, thus producing a virtual image of an object with the same size and shape as the real one. The image is right but inverted on the axis normal to the mirror.

There are also curved mirrors that can be concave or convex. In a concave mirror whose surface forms a paraboloid of revolution, all rays incident parallel to the axis of the mirror are reflected through the focus, and those that strike through the focus are reflected parallel to the axis.

Decoration with mirrors:

In Giovani Glass we are manufacturers of mirrors of different sizes, from the smallest, to the largest, mirror walls, mirrored ceiling and much more. For now we will give you the best advice to give a different environment to your home or business premises with this tool.

Give a magical touch to the entrance of your house.

The mirrors at the entrance of a house provide a lot of light and it is a great sign for those who enter through the door, because it makes them feel welcome and gives them the opportunity to look at themselves and, if necessary, get ready before entering the house. In a small entrance Our experts place a mirror on a table with flowers, it is a very nice arrangement that will make everyone feel welcome and want to pass. If the entrance of your house is large and spacious, we place a full-length mirror, always using the space in your favor.
Mirrors for the bedroom

It's a great way to get more space without the need for too big an investment. To achieve this use of the mirrors, for this, we installed a large mirror on the wall in front of a window in the room.

Mirror framed with wood for the dining room.

Our idea is to supply a full-length mirror framed with the best wood and we simply rest it on the wall.

There are many designs that we make for our customers, and our own designs, which you can know by contacting us. In addition you will know our offers and promotions.

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