Splash glass protector for the kitchen in New York
Splash glass protector for the kitchen in New York

The front wall of the kitchen (splashback) is one of the areas that tend to stain more due to fats, vapors and splashes that inevitably occur when cooking, so it is very important that it is coated with a material that is easy to clean and that can bring a decorative touch to the design.

In addition, it is an easy-to-clean material, so behind the sink and as a front on the perimeter of the countertop it becomes an effective shield for splashing.

Among the materials that can be used, in addition to ceramics and tiles, granites and quartz, lacquered panels, stainless steel, microcement or methacrylates, there are glasses or crystals, which can be transparent, lacquered in colors or with prints of photos or images .

The glass is a heat-resistant material, so that the glass panels are ideal for coating the wall of the kitchen right in the cooking area.

You can even opt for tempered glass if you want a greater resistance to impacts, although normally it is not necessary if you have a minimum of care, since it is a vertical element with which there should be no direct contact.

For glass kitchen facings the fronts of glasses are designed to create color, being a resistant and durable material, the glass is also easy to install screwed or glued to the wall.

Although the most usual thing is to place it between the countertop and the lower part of the tall furniture, in Giovani Glass we also place it as a covering for the whole wall or in large areas where it is only located, for example, a decorative bell.

Advantages you'll get when choosing kitchen fronts or a glass dashboard:

In short, our Cristalpanel in glass or tempered glass is the perfect background to bring life and color to any kitchen by:

Infinite range of colors and tones (artistic finishes, gloss and nuances)
Easy and quick placement
No need for works

For all environments and styles
Perfect planimetry
Luminosity, spaciousness and modernity
Large formats
Resistance and durability
Resists heat
Easy cleaning and without maintenance

We have many ideas for this type of work that we would love to let you know, you just have to contact us and we assure you that you will like them all.

Article created based on: Pedro Rodriguez (2015),, Paneles de Vidrio para Cocinas y Salpicaderos (2015).