Photo printing on glass is one of the most popular ways of decorating various glass surfaces today. Photo printing allows you to apply any full-color image on the entire glass or on its part, which makes it possible to decorate the glass surface with an attractive pattern. There are several glass photo printing technologies

Photo printing with a thin polymer films is one of the oldest. This technology involves applying a color image on special films and then attaching these films to the back side of glass products. As a result, the image is reliably protected from the effects of various external factors: light, moisture, temperature.
Glass photo printing with the help of films is already somewhat outdated technology. Direct glass printing is more popular today. This technology is called UV printing. The technology of glass UV printing is similar to the technology of printing on paper using a conventional inkjet printer, though it is not sheets of paper that are “painted”, but glass.

The basis of this printing technology is the ability of special inks to harden under the influence of ultraviolet. After hardening, the paints will no longer be washed off, worn off and scratched. The main feature of glass UV-printing technology is the ability to apply high-definition images on the glass.

No matter which method of glass photo printing was chosen, the glass surface decorated with color printing becomes more aesthetically appealing, which is successfully used for advertising as well as image purposes. For example, glass decorated with photo printing in a shop window can serve to attract customers, and photo printing on glass doors in the office will help increase the popularity of the company's brand.

Photo printing can now be performed not only on glass but also on a mirror - this gives even more unique opportunities for truly individual design of the premises of offices, houses or apartments. Thus, a wall or floor mirror, mirror facades of the closet compartment, mirror doors, etc. can be decorated with photo printing.

Giovani Glass is using various technologies of glass photo printing in the manufacture of glass structures: interior doors, partitions, shower doors, etc. You can get detailed advice on applying photo printing to the glass structures produced by our managers.