Reliability and functionality

In the production of furniture with glass inserts, only tempered, especially durable glass is used. It is incredibly hard to break, but even if this happens, the cracked fabric, protected by a special film, will remain within it. This feature allows you to use glass furniture in a kitchen room, for example, in the design of a dining table or a storage warehouse.
 glass and mirror furniture
 glass and mirror furniture

In the bedrooms, hallways, corridors, bathrooms, mirrors are used in the facades of floor and pendant cabinets; very often they occupy the entire outer surface of the door so that a person can view his image in full swing.

If there are small children in your house, but you desperately want to buy glass furniture, choose console or coffee table with rounded edges and make sure that the support legs are made of durable, streamlined, material: forged metal, curly wood.


To use glass or mirror furniture, there is no need to choose a strictly defined interior style, since such objects are perfectly suited to any modern, country, traditional or classical style of the room.

Glass and mirrors can be used in the design of cabinets and chests of classical forms. They are often found in vintage things from past epochs, and traces of patina add a special charm and elegance to tea tables, screens or sofas with a mirror at the top of the curly back.

 glass and mirror furniture
 glass and mirror furniture
Visual ease

Designers are also attracted to the interior of the furniture with mirrored facades. It is able to greatly affect the visual perception of the room and help to veil its flaws. Thus, if you place mirrors in the upper facades of the furniture (as illustrated by a picture of you), you can improve and facilitate the impression of dark cabinets installed in a room with low ceilings. Here, the mirrors reflect a white ceiling, and the surfaces seem to merge together, blurring the boundaries of the low room.

Furniture of small size, made using glass or a mirror, will not significantly affect the situation and will not weigh its image, but vice versa, dissolving in the interior, it imperceptibly enters into it. For a modest size bedrooms, vestibules, bathrooms, we recommend using comfortable console, mirrored chests or glass shelves.
 glass and mirror furniture
 glass and mirror furniture


We believe there is no need to convince you that mirrored furniture or glass objects as a whole produce a very positive impression. They make the interior more festive, elegant and fresh, even more stylish, if not mistaken in a quantitative relationship with other materials in the design.

For glass furniture is a fairly simple shape without woven and unnecessary details, its nature speaks for itself and does not require pathos and additions. Therefore, laconic transparent, or with a reflective surface, things are greatly absorbed into the most minimalist interior.

An attractive feature of furniture with glass elements is its environmental friendliness, and in tandem with wood, stone or metal, the transparent material shows all its best qualities and becomes a model of a unique subject design.